ROMA combines market research, advertising and paid surveys to offer an all-in-one simple and effective online platform. Businesses create their own customised surveys, featuring their branding which are then promoted throughout a network of websites that specifically cater to their target market. These ad surveys provide an increase in revenue for website owners who choose which surveys they feel are relevant to their content. From here, web users can earn instant payments from completing surveys that are short and efficient. 

The UK's best value for money customer research company guaranteed. With ROMA, any business regardless of size or industry can create their own customised ad survey featuring their logo and website link which is distributed through a large network of websites that are specifically relevant to your target market. 

Here at ROMA, we want to ensure customer research is conducted in the most simple and hassle-free way possible that also provides unbeatable incentives for everyone involved! Sign up now and see how you can benefit from using ROMA!

Connect With Us! We're on Instagram & Twitter

Connect With Us! We're on Instagram & Twitter