Unlimited Promotion

When creating your own personalised ad survey, we ask that you provide us with your logo so that we when we distribute your ad survey, your logo is viewed by thousands of target market users which in turn increases exposure of your brand.

100% Target Market Users

We believe users shouldn't have to fill out surveys that aren't relevant to them and we also believe businesses shouldn't receive data from non-target market users. That's why only websites relevant to your business can use your survey ad. 

Variety of Themes and Colours

First impressions are everything. We want your survey to resemble what your brand stands for which is why we provide a selection of themes and colours to choose from when customising your survey to ensure you're well represented. 

Customisable Project Options

Are you an individual wanting to collect data about your followers? Or perhaps a larger corporation wanting to collect better quality customer research for less? With ROMA, there's a ad survey project price to suit everyone. 

View Live Responses Anywhere

All data collected from your target market is automatically uploaded and stored on your business account meaning you can view it live anywhere in the world, on a desktop computer or mobile device. 

The Lowest Fees in the UK

We've looked everywhere and there's just nowhere you can collect high quality data at the fees that we charge. That's because we keep our costs low and our payouts high! 

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