The Customer

Earn 50p every minute!

Because each survey typically takes 60 seconds to complete, we'll pay you 50p for every survey you complete. Pay nothing and you can earn up to £5 in 10 minutes every day, now that's the best survey payout in the UK guaranteed!

Content that is relevant to you

Have you ever spent ages completing a survey you know nothing about?  With ROMA, we don't give you surveys that you aren't suited to your personal taste, just choose from a variety of topics or categories and begin earning! 

Surveys are short and sweet

All of our surveys are multiple question and are capped at 10 questions each meaning you never have to spend hours filling out a survey. This encourages users to give honest answers in exchange for a quick and easy experience. 

Instant Payment, At Last

Once a survey has been completed, you can choose from a variety of instant transaction methods to receive your payment. Regardless of what you choose, we'll never ask for anything other than your payment email address. No spam!