The Publisher

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You read that right, with ROMA you really can increase earnings by 2000%. The typical Click Through Rate (CTR) is £0.01 whereas with ROMA, you can earn 20p every time someone completes our survey on your website! 

User Friendly Website

Through our research, customers told us the majority of the ads they saw on websites were irrelevant and unprofessional. With ROMA, we ensure the ads you place are suited to your website and are of interest to your visitors. 

Increase in Returning Customers

Because ROMA customer payouts are the best in the UK, web users have an incentive to follow and return to your website everyday to view your content and complete ROMA surveys. This greatly increases exposure to your content. 

Choose from a variety of surveys

We understand how frustrating it can be to not have the choice of what ads appear on your website. With ROMA, you can choose from a variety of survey ads that are both matching of your colour scheme and relevant to your users. 

Simple Upload Policy

Sign up to ROMA now and within minutes you'll begin being able to earn money. Tell us what type of content your website offers and we'll give you HTML code to place into your website. Simply verify your website and you're ready to go!

Hassle-Free Earning

Never before has it been so easy to earn with your website users. We never ask for any personal information, we just want to know how you would like to get paid and what your payment address is. It really is that simple!